Maldives Trip 2021 | 5 Reasons to take a Island Vacation soon

Maldives Trip 2021 ? Really ? We would say, yes, it is possible !

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this archipelagic state opens up to offer tourists sublime peace in these turbulent times. The pandemic has weighed everyone down professionally, personally and even physically. Here are five reasons why you can consider taking off to this destination to renergise and refresh oneself before getting back to the new normal.

1. Reside in a resort that cares about your well-being

Maldives being home to over 1190 coral islands makes it all the more feasible for the traveller to abide by the norm of social distancing. The ‘one island one resort’ concept further helps in reinforcing this.Furthermore, the state has made it a mandate for all the resorts to abide by the Covid 19 guidelines. Besides this, the Ministry of Tourism has issued a Covid-19 safety tourism guideline to ensure that the safety and hygiene guidelines are in no way compromised. Hence while the alluring blue waters soothe you, even your health and well-being is given the attention it rightfully deserves.

2. Due diligence before the booking formalities

Those carefree times are a thing of the past, wherein you like a resort and booked it. In the wake of the present times, a tourist can make a booking only in a resort that has been registered in the Ministry of Tourism. The list of these resorts can be accessed on the Ministry of Tourism website and on the Visit Maldives website. Both these websites also provide tourists with a brief entailing the guidelines that tourists need to adhere to.

From September 1, 2021

3. Pre-travel preparations

Like always you can visit the place with a visa on arrival, provided the passport has a minimum one month validity. As an assurance measure it is necessary for a tourist to file and submit a health declaration form 24 hours prior to their arrival. You can find the form here. Before travel you have to provide the authorities with a test indicating you are Covid negative. Even if a tourist has the slightest inclination of having been in contact with someone who is tested positive, refrain from planning a trip.

4. Safety protocol on arrival

At the airport it is essential for the tourists to sport masks and sanitize their hands at regular intervals. The travellers have to stand in the carefully marked out parameters to ensure there is sufficient distance between one person and another. Even if the traveler has a slight tendency of breathlessness, fever or cough the Health protection Agency is intimated. To further mitigate the spread of this deadly virus it is necessary for tourists to download the Contact Tracing App Traceekee. A Covid-19 positive tested tourist will be in quarantine for a duration of 14 days. Post that their condition is assessed for 3 days.

5. Seclusion and safety in Paradise

During the vacation, tourists can easily avail medical treatment, PPE gear and a Covid-19 safety manager. Once having entered a resort, a tourist cannot travel to another island or resort. As an additional safety measure, transit travelers can stay only in resorts that are specified by the Ministry of Tourism and Health Protection Agency.

Unfortunately as a result of Covid-19, tourism is no longer a spontaneous activity that it once was. That’s where Holidays By Rosakue steps in. Our team works tirelessly to curate a safe memorable experience for you and your family members.

Has Covid-19 taken on a toll on you like it has on everyone else? Allow us to offer you a respite in this gateway to paradise.

Maldives Trip 2021 : Your Perfect Gateway to Paradise

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